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Dual Chamber Plasma Sterilizer

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Catetory: CSSD
Type: Clean Area
Product Details:

Dual Chamber

Independent dual chamber design to run two same/different cycles simultaneously to drastically improve the turnover of surgical devices.

The other chamber is operational while one chamber is in the middle of a sterilization cycle. 

It saves cost and space for buying and installing two plasma sterilizers.


Visible Efficiency Improvement

Shortest cycle time less than 30mins.


Closed-end Traceability

The sterilizer can be connected to dedicated reader of rapid readout biological inidcators for closed-end traceability of sterilization results and biological indicator results.

Reading results of the reader is automatically synchronized to the sterilization records.


Smart Recognition System

Equipped with RFID reader, camera and barcode reader to realize:

1) Multiple login methods: Password, RFID badge, face ID

2) Recognition of consumables and automatically bind the results to cycle records. 

Multiple Cycles

6 preset cycles can be run simultaneously in the dual chambers.

l  Standard Cycle

l  Short Cycle

l  Enhanced Cycle

l  Endo Cycle

l  Lumen Cycle

l  Drying Cycle (for vacuum drying only, not for sterilization)


12” Colorful Touch Screen

Convenient & Friendly

OTA Upgrade

Firmware of the sterilizer can be updated automatically*. You'll always have the up-to-date sterilizer. 


High Polymer Cover

Oxidation and corrosion resistance


Breathing Indication Light

Realtime sterilizer status display which is easy to see from a distance


Micro Printer

Print records are clear and can be saved for more than 5 years


Foot Door Switch

Kick to open/close chamber door

Technical Specs



Short Cycle

Sterilization of simple instruments without complex structure and catheters

Standard Cycle

Sterilization of instruments with complex structure

Enhanced Cycle

Sterilization of instruments with high infection risks

Endo Cycle

Sterilization of flexible endoscopes

Catheter Cycle

Sterilization of instruments with catheters

Drying Cycle

Vacuum drying of instruments with high humidity

Total Chamber Volume

Dual chamber 114L x 2, total 228L

Exterior Dimension


*Sterilizer needs to be connected to the internet.

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