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GB/T 19001-2000 IDT ISO 9001:2000 YY/T 0287-2003idt ISO
13485:2003 CE Certificate No.90/Cn/1848-0-REV 0
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LK/QX-500 Automatic Washer Disinfector




Automatic Washer Disinfector

Controllable Auto Washer Disinfector is upgraded washer disinfector. Special suction, flow-injection and ultrasonic cleaning function are unique comparing to other washer disinfector. It matches all washing  requirements from hospitals. 



l   Double door configuration uses the Washer Disinfector as a barrier to ensure

l   a good efficacy of washing and drying, as well as avoiding of cross infection.

l   Fine anti-crossion stainless steel exterior covers are very easy to be cleaned.

l   Hollow glass doors are convenient for observation of washing process.

l   Ergonomic design with touch screen to display all data of washing process.

l   Operators can manage all operations with a simple training.

l   PLC + touch screen design to largely reduce work load of operators.

l   Temperature and time of every washing stage are saved for future inquiry and printing.

l   Middle layers of washing rack is removable for big instruments.

l   More efficient washing efficacy with less time to ensure a shorter instrument turnaround cycle.

l   Unique injectio-flow and ultrasonic cleaning function.

l   completely wash and disinfect, medical equipments turn around more quickly; ultrasonic

l   wash effectively remove dirt on equipments


working mode:

l   The washer disinfector has standard mode and customized modes.

l   Standard mode can be used for normal medical equipment.

l   Customized mode: customer can select some steps or cycle according to requirements of different equipment.

l   Standard mode includes seven steps: during washing, water can be injected and drained automatically;

l   enzyme and oil can be added automatically.


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