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CSSD Introduction

Central Sterile Supply Dept. Brief Introduction


Chengdu Laoken Technology Co., Ltd, a famous disinfection and sterilization service supplier.


1.What can Laoken supply?

Professional design

Device supports

Device installation



2.what value-add can Laoken supply?

The pre-planning and location consultation

Management plan consultation

After-sales service security


3. Laoken CSSD function area:

According to the function divide into following area:

Operating area----cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, packing, storage area

Office area----work, rest area

According to the process divide into following area:

Decontamination area

Assembly & sterilization area

Sterile storage area


4. Facilities introduction

Auto management in supply room

Sterilizer (steam, plasma, hot air)

Washing cleaner (washer disinfector, ultrasonic cleaner)

Chemical indicating strip, indicator, B-D test paper

Air cleaning device

Water process system

Other extra device


The Device Support

Sterilizing device:

1. Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

a. CE mark

b. Widely been installed in the world

c. Fast Sterilization

d. Cassette design

e. Rectangle chamber

f. Double door

g.100L & 200L

2. Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

a. Double door

b. Usable volume 1200L

c. Imported critical components

d. EN ISO 13485

e. EN 285, 97/23/EC

f. SUS 304 or SUS 316

g. Door locking safety system


Washing device

1. Medical washer disinfector

a. With Ultrasonic Function

b. CE mark

c. Customized Washing Rack

d. Fast Cycle

e. Double door

2. Ultrasonic cleaner

3. Endoscope washing centre


Drying device

1. Medical dry cabinet


Other device

1. Purified water treatment device

2. Air purified system

3. Transportation trolley and containers



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