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GB/T 19001-2000 IDT ISO 9001:2000 YY/T 0287-2003idt ISO
13485:2003 CE Certificate No.90/Cn/1848-0-REV 0
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LK/KJF-L100 (cabinet)


l   Free & flexible sterilization by manual, automatic and on schedule

l   Accurate time display

l   Adjustable air flow speed

l   sterilize air by plasma

l   Built-in negative ion generator

l   Remote control via WiFi

l   Self inspect and error warning

l   Initaial & mid filter

l   Multiple sensors to inspect air quality, temperature & RH

l   Multi-point particle monitoring

l   Infra-red sensor to achieve automatically sterilization


Application Range

l  HospitalApplicable to most class II and III rooms such as OT, clinic, in-patient room, maternity ward, infant room, burn department, ICU, etc.

l  Manufacturing FacilitySterile rooms, laboratories, etc.

l  Food & Beverage FactoriesProduction workshop, packing workshop, sterile rooms, etc.

l  Public PlacesMeeting rooms, hotels, entertainment places, offices, etc.



l   Allow existence of people when working         

l   Energy saving design

l   Touch control panel and remote control

Touch control panel with high-precision buttons, anti-erosion, waterproof,

resistance to damage.

Ergonomic design and show the whole working process and alarms.

l   Work by manual, automatic and on schedule

Manual: Strat/stop at any time to meet different room air condition.

Automatic: Sterilize room air automatically when air quality is bad.

On schedule: Sterilize as per schedule. 5 customized programs to be set.

l   Intelligent warnings

Automatic detect fan, plasma power supply, temperature, etc. and display warnings.

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