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GB/T 19001-2000 IDT ISO 9001:2000 YY/T 0287-2003idt ISO
13485:2003 CE Certificate No.90/Cn/1848-0-REV 0
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Auto-lifting 3 Frequencies Ultrasonic Cleaner

Application Range 
Mainly applicable to batch cleaning of radioactive and polluted instruments which requires high level cleaning, such as hospital surgical knives, tweezers, haemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsies, injection needle, big/small syringes, test tubes, glass sheets,
dressing bowls, plates, cylinders, pressure gauges, etc. It is a highly necessary device for OT and CSSD in hospitals, scientific research institutes, labs and testing labs in pharmaceutical companies.

Combine all the following 8 functions in one tank: warm water rinsing, ultrasonic cleaning, cold water rinsing, ultrasonic rinsing,
hot water rinsing, high temperature water disinfection, lubricating and electric heated air drying; 
Displays program settings and working status; 
Displays detergent/lubrication level; 
Displays temperature out range, electric current out range; 
Displays cleaner serial number, manufacturing date, accumulated working time; 
Visual and vocal alerts; 
24 pre-set programs and 6 customizable programs; 
Can be heated electronically or by steam to save energy and cost; 
Automatic injection of detergent; 
Automatic injection of lubricant; 
Quite, auto-electronic lifting; 
304 stainless steel baskets of 4 layers. 

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